No consistent message amongst Illinois Realtors in latest confidence index report

If you need proof about just how uncertain things are in the residential real estate market these days, look no further than Point2’s latest Real Estate Confidence Index. Every month Point2 surveys Realtor sentiment about the current climate, their confidence in the short-term future (three to six months), and in the long-term (12 to 18 months). Each report includes actual quotes from Realtors in all 50 states, and in our case, there still isn’t a clear or consistent message amongst agents working in the very same market. Here are a few of those words from Illinois Realtors about what is and isn’t going on out there:

  • “Buyers want to look at 20-40 properties before making offers, renters are using Craigslist to find rentals.”
  • “Numerous foreclosures, few buyers, no incentives to bring buyers out.”
  • “Dramatic decrease in the number of qualified buyers, many sellers inflexible on price.”
  • “I am experiencing more showings in the last month than I have in quite a while.”
  • “After 4/30 the market just died. I have 11 listings and no showings.”
  • “High buyer confidence among first time home buyers and investors.”
  • “The market is steady after a surge from the Home Buyer Tax Credit expiration date.”
  • “Large down payments make it harder for first time buyers.”
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