North Shore’s priciest communities post year-over-year sales gains

Over at her North Shore Views site, Coldwell Banker’s Anne West has just posted single-family home sales numbers for North Shore communities (minus Lake Bluff and plus Glenview) for the first six months of this year.

Sales volumes increased year-over-year in only 3 of the communities: Glencoe (+53%), Kenilworth (+10%) and Winnetka (+6%). It’s interesting to note that those 3 also had the highest median sales prices on the North Shore during the first six months of the year, $887,850, $1,595,000 and $1,004,500, respectively.

The increased sales pace in the more affluent communities is consistent with the impressionistic results we’ve been hearing from local Realtors: there’s been increased strength recently in the higher – but not highest – reaches of the North Shore market.

The modest year-over-year increases in median sales prices don’t present a clear picture of actual pricing trends on the North Shore. The home at 931 Sunset Rd in Winnetka, pictured above, closed early in June at $1.8M. That’s a steep drop from its previous sale, in August of 2005, for $2.5M.

I wouldn’t place any credence in the reported days-on-market statistics. Many properties have delisted and relisted and have been on the market much longer than the MLS numbers reflect.

See more of the details at North Shore Views.

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