On a sandy beach in Winnetka

There’s a chill in the evening air at this time of year that may inspire you to dream about life on a sandy beach in a warmer clime. Or it may just have you looking forward to summer’s return and an idyllic waterfront home on the North Shore.

There are currently only five lakefront homes for sale in Winnetka, and the newest to market is the lowest-priced, at $2,899,000.

Based on the listing pictures, the 5-bedroom, 4 ½ bath home at 335 Sheridan Rd sits on a beautiful lot with a path down to a sandy beach.

The homes at 695 Sheridan Rd and 1134 1134 Taylorsport, priced at $4.15M and $5.75M, respectively, also have sandy beaches. Lakefront properties at 191 Sheridan ($7.495M) and 139 Sheridan ($4.1M) have rocky shores.

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