One Museum Park's evil twin

B.onemuseumpark02.06.jpgJust when we thought the South Loop’s Museum Park campus couldn’t get any bigger, developer The Enterprise Companies unveils the new, confusingly named One Museum Park West highrise. It’s confusing, because it will stand beside One Museum Park, the fast-selling luxury highrise.

We’re told that prices at the 286-unit development will range from the $440s to the $900s, while three penthouses will be priced at $1.4 million. The building will also feature an indooor pool.

Enterprise already offers about 14 highrises with “Museum Park” somewhere in their name. We wish they would be a little more well, enterprising, and call this one Evil Twin, or something.

But apparently the Museum Park branding is really working for Enterprise. We hear that buyers are prepared to pay a premium to live in the M.P.

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