Opus 110 "terrace units" get the green

Opus 110

It’s hard for a high-rise to claim “vast green spaces” as an amenity, but the seventh-floor “terrace units” at Opus 110 will hog a helluva lot of green. The 2,290-square-foot three-bedroom condo pictured has two terraces — one with 870 square feet and the other 495 — overlooking the green roof. Another terrace unit has a huge 1,115-square-foot wraparound terrace and a smaller 275-square-foot one facing east. The 27-story “glass sculpture” and its green space, located at 110 W Superior St in River North, are charged with “representing the coherent whole of your life,” according to developer JFJ. Probably not what the transcendentalists had in mind, but, hey, at least some developers are giving it a shot. Opus’ 62 condos are priced from the $490s to $1.6 million, and a sales center is located at 747 N LaSalle Dr.

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