Our see-through city: 3235 North Ashland

3235 N Ashland Ave, ChicagoWhat’s the word on this new building at the corner of Ashland Avenue and Melrose Street in Lake View? Mark and I took a video tour up Ashland this afternoon and came across this new turreted development, positioned right next door to the LV Lofts (where a few homes are still for sale) and just north of the old Lakeview Collection site.

The homes — billed simply as the 3235 North Ashland Condominiums on a nameplate mounted above the street-level entrance — appear to be studded out, but lack drywall or any other interior finishes. None of the homes are listed yet, either. I would hope that the open windows mean someone’s working inside, but I couldn’t tell whether there was any activity here. Do any of Yo’all have a clue?

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