Outrageous claims about the ABR credential

We’ve previously called attention, on more than one occasion, to the frequency with which the ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative) credential is claimed by Realtors who aren’t entitled to use it.

You’ll find an outstanding example of misrepresentation at the Dream Town site (screen cap above):

We have the most qualified and best trained agents in chicago (sic). We require all of our agents to become ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative) certified, ensuring that you always receive excellent customer service and ethical treatment.

I sampled the first 60 Dream Town agents on the company’s “Find a Consultant” page. Only 2 of the 60 were listed as holding the ABR designation – Mary Soeding and Nate Ryle – and neither of them could be found in a search of the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council membership directory, which lists active ABRs.

Buyers should always do some careful due diligence before deciding to work with a real estate agent. The safest assumption, in my experience, is that an agent who lies about one thing will lie about anything. Avoid those agents.

Disclosure: YoChicago’s parent company produces print advertising for a number of Dream Town’s competitors.

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