Parc Huron leasing reaches 50 percent, park space to open in September

Parc Huron, 469 W Huron St, Chicago

I’ve been inside Parc Huron twice in the past two days, once to pick up a Zipcar, and once to look around the building’s models and amenity spaces. The building, located at 469 W Huron St, is still a work-in-progress — workers were busy finishing out units on the upper floors and the main amenities level, and the smell of fresh paint still lingers in the lobby and other common spaces — but otherwise the building is well ahead of schedule, even after weathering a three-week strike. According to the leasing consultant who took me through the tower today, Parc Huron is more than 50 percent leased, and more than 70 units on floors 5 through 18 are already occupied. (The building has 21 floors and 221 units in total.)

News that the penthouse floor will be finished by September 10th doesn’t surprise me at all; news that the tower’s park, planned for the corner of Erie and Hudson streets, will be finished a few days before that surprises me a whole lot. The site’s existing concrete building came down a couple weeks ago, but the lot was still a mass of rubble this afternoon, and it’s hard to imagine it being a landscaped space with paved paths and furniture within two or three weeks.

Current incentive prices for Parc Huron’s apartments are:

  • One-bedrooms, 614 to 729 square feet: $1,792 – $2,585
  • One-bedrooms with dens, 770 – 877 square feet: $2,159 – $2,825
  • Two-bedrooms, 1,100 – 1,318 square feet: $2,732 – $3,855
  • Two-bedrooms with dens, 1,274 square feet: $2,883 – $3,570
  • Three-bedrooms, 1,443 square feet: $3,318 – $4,055

Shown above and below are Parc Huron’s pool, lounge, and patio.

Parc Huron, 469 W Huron St, Chicago Parc Huron, 469 W Huron St, Chicago

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