Photographer Joeff Davis' exhibition opens tonight

Flamingoes at Lincoln Park Zoo by Joeff DavisFor a unique and insightful perspective on some of the leading political figures of our time get along to New Homes Magazine photographer Joeff Davis’ exhibition “People of Compassion and Other Strange But True Images”, which opens tonight at Brickton Art Center in Park Ridge and runs until February 17.

Davis’ photographic essays for New Homes spotlight a different Chicago neighborhood each month, and never fail to surprise, inform, amuse and delight us. The image at right offers up a slice of life in Lincoln Park.

In his exhibition, Davis, who runs his own photographic business in Chicago, offers a different take on luminaries from local girl Hillary Clinton to Pat Buchanan and Al Gore. His candid photo of a slack-jawed George W. Bush, mouth agape, shot to national prominence when David Letterman featured it on The Late Show.

The Brickton Art Center is at 147 South Vine, Park Ridge. Entry to the exhibition is free. Check it out.

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