Pill Hill's Advocate Trinity Hospital dispenses care

We told you earlier that “Pill Hill” was apparently named for the many doctors who once lived in the neighborhood. It’s ties to the medical community don’t end there: the neighborhood is home to Advocate Trinity Hospital, a 250-bed facility at 2320 E 93rd St. Yo’s truly has a couple of stories about Advocate Trinity that make our eyes a little moist.

The hospital hit the news a couple of years ago when parishioners of a nearby church discovered an abandoned baby (at the church) and rushed the infant boy to the hospital for care. The child, discovered on a Sunday morning with his umbilical cord still attached, was named “Michael Joseph Doe.” Weighing three pounds and three ounces, he was given a teddy bear and fed intravenously for a couple of days. We called the hospital this morning to see if they could tell us how the now-toddler is, and we’re waiting to hear back.
In other good news, Advocate Trinity last year received a grant from the Avon Foundation to help with the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. The $250,000 award is funding a breast health specialist / educator position at the hospital, medical equipment and a laptop computer to help track and follow up patients.

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