Price check: Rental rates for Flair Tower

Flair Tower, 222 W Erie St, ChicagoTurns out all it took to get Flair Tower‘s vital deets was a trip to the development’s new leasing center in River North. I stopped by the office during my lunch break yesterday and walked out with a handful of promotional materials including a full list of rental rates and fees.

The first of Flair Tower’s 198 apartments should be ready for occupancy by March, says General Manager Lauren Dolan. According to the tower’s price sheet, anyone who takes advantage of a pre-leasing incentive will pay about 17 percent less than the rates listed below for the full term of a lease. The incentive does not appear to apply for the tower’s penthouse units, which include 1,122 square-foot one-bedrooms, 1,520 and 1,552 square-foot two-bedrooms, and all of the building’s three-bedrooms.

Additional charges include $50 for individual applications, $125 for corporation applications, and $450 for move-in fees.

View, download, or print this spreadsheet through Google Docs.

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