Price drops 44% in 14 days on Jackson Park Highlands home

Talk about rapid-fire price reductions …

The 5-bedroom, 3-bath home at 6710 S Euclid Ave in Jackson Park Highlands came on the market November 28th at a list price of $400,000. It was reduced to $300,000 on December 10th and reduced again to $225,000 on December 12th.

The home is in the landmark Jackson Park Highlands District, but isn’t in keeping with the character of much of the District. The home is being sold in “As Is Condition.”

According to the listing, the home was “built by the Chicago furniture mogul, Tasemkin.”

You can see the colorful signage on a now-closed Tasemkin store at a chicago sojourn, and watch a commercial for the stores at YouTube:

You can take a drive around Jackson Park Highlands in the following video:

You can also join Yo for Jackson Park Highlands walks along Euclid Ave, Bennett Ave, Constance Ave and Cregier Ave.

Yo has also made repeat visits to the park that gives Jackson Park Highlands its name:

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