Printers Row protesters hurting their condo cause?

Polk Street protesters

They seem like a fun-loving, well-meaning bunch of protestors (note the smiles; no fist shaking here), but are they helping their cause: the halting or altering of Terrapin Properties’ Burnham Pointe high-rise before the condo tower ruins their views and light? The lead comment on the group’s Web site, Polk Street Canyon, is from a buyer at the development who says he hadn’t heard of the project until he saw the protestors, who made him curious about the sales center:

“I was completely unaware of Burnham Pointe until I saw the protestors and signs while on a walk in the Printers Row area,” the commenter writes. They piqued his interest, and after visiting the sales center, he bought a condo at the development a couple of weeks ago. He’s slightly annoyed, he says, that Folio Square will interrupt HIS view, but he’s a big boy and willing to live with it – the more development the better in a neighborhood that still has a lot of blank spots, he says. We’d like to suggest a cage match at the next Printers Row Book Fair – Burnham Pointe vs. Folio Sqauare – to clear the air between these future neighbors once and for all.

We have reason to believe (since he told us so) that said commenter at Polk Street Canyon is the same blogger who writes the Web site Looper. Check it out today for some great photos of some great Loop intersections.

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