Put your federal tax credit toward a new home with Fresh Horizon Realty

Time is running out to take advantage of the government’s home buyer tax credits. Buyers must sign their contracts by April 30, meaning there are only three months left to find a single-family home or condo of your choice and still qualify for as much as $8,000 (for first-timers) or $6,500 (for current home owners) in credit.

Although the government’s expansion of the credit program is great for buyers, people who buy this winter won’t see the true benefit of the credit until they file their 2010 taxes next year. In order to help buyers today, Fresh Horizon Realty, working in concert with select community banks, is letting buyers apply that credit toward their down payment.

“You can use the credit immediately, at the closing table,” says Paul Carney, Fresh Horizon’s director of operations. “Would you rather wait for your $8,000 until 2011, or would you rather utilize it today? I think that gives buyers a lot more flexibility, so that maybe they can get into a home that they couldn’t have with an affordable monthly payment.”

The use of the tax credit at closing is just a part of a larger program Fresh Horizon has in place, through which buyers can buy new and recently rehabbed condos and single-families below builder costs before they go into foreclosure or short sale. The selected properties have been pre-approved for special no-PMI financing options ranging from a 3.99-percent, 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with a 20-percent down-payment to a 4.99-percent mortgage with no money down.

Fresh Horizon last year launched three Web sites, HomesUnder1k.com, 8KToday.com, and BuyBelowBuilderCost.com, promoting these buying opportunities. Next week the brokerage’s will launch its official page, FreshHorizonRealty.com. Buyers can also receive more information by calling 877-592-8960.

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