Query quintet: five questions on the market with @properties agent Jeff Proctor

Jeff Proctor, @propertiesLast Tuesday I met @properties agent Jeff Proctor at a broker open house he was holding at 1306 N Greenview Ave #1, a 2,300 square-foot three-bedroom condo he’s listed in the $470s. Before I left, I asked him to answer five quick questions on the market.

How has the job of the Realtor changed in the past year?
The best statement I ever heard was, “The wind never changes — you have to change your sails.” We have to be more diligent now in following up, in getting every piece of feedback that we possibly can to make sure that we’ve effectively priced the property and are selling it properly.

What are buyers asking?
They want to know how the property is priced out, and what the motivation is for the seller. Obviously everyone’s looking for the best deal possible, so buyers are looking for the low price in the market.

What are you telling sellers these days?
You really don’t know how soon something’s going to move. It could take two months, it could take six months, so don’t get your hopes up just over showing activity.

How do you keep up with the market?
We consistently review where other properties are priced and what they’re selling for. We do that week after week.

Outside of price reductions, what’s the best way to generate interest in a property?
We market through every online avenue. We really exhaust all options for advertising, so as long as we’re in all the places where marketing properties take place, we feel that we’re more than sufficient in getting potential buyers in.

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