Quote of the day – a Bermuda triangle of lost opportunity

Architecture critic Lynn Becker’s recent post on what he calls the “Viaduct District” is a goodie bag of memorable phrases and provocative perspectives. Consider this excerpt, and be sure to read his entire post:

The area around the Roosevelt Collection has always been a Bermuda Triangle of lost opportunity, centered around the massive corporeal ghost of former railyards that once served Chicago’s great depots. When Mayor J. Daley initially wanted to build a new campus for the University of Illinois there, he wanted it here, but was stymied by the prices the railroads, spinning towards bankruptcy, demanded for the land. He wound up demolishing a large part of Chicago’s Little Italy instead, for the UIC Circle campus. It’s taken nearly half a century for Little Italy to recover from the damage, and still the former railyards are empty.

Our aerial perspective supplements the ground-level images in Becker’s article.

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