Quote of the day – drug dealing at 46th and Woodlawn

Just last week we posted an update on Lake Park Gateway II, a development where we shot video nearly two years ago to the day.

As you can see from the photos, it was a sunny day when we visited, and the corner of 46th and Woodlawn in Kenwood – steps from the development – was unpopulated. We’ve been past that intersection a number of times in the interim, and didn’t see any evidence of what the Sun-Times is reporting today:

“In the day, they would tell you, ‘I’m an Englewood GD,’ ” said Diaz, whose unit investigates gangs in the Cook County Jail. “Now they will say, ‘I’m from Squadville’ or ‘I’m with the Geek Squad’ or ‘Rock City’ or ‘Madville,’ ” — the names of various factions in the city.

Sheriff’s criminal intelligence investigator Franco Domma said one such faction, called 4-6 and Lawn, controls drug dealing at 46th and Woodlawn. The faction includes members of the Gangster Disciples, Black P Stones, Black Disciples, Mickey Cobras and other gangs, he said.

YoChicago doesn’t normally relate reports of criminal activity near developments we cover. We assume that readers who are concerned about crime – or who value the convenience of a corner drug mart – will investigate the issue using EveryBlock or the Chicago Police Department’s ClearMap site.

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