Quote of the day – dysfunctional association, insane neighbors

A missive to Salon’s Since You Asked column describes a situation that’s all too common in small condo associations:

Six years ago my partner and I bought a condo in a four-unit building. We had been looking for a house or condo for three years and had numerous offers rejected, so we were ecstatic to finally be able to buy our own place.

Fast forward to now: We are not quite so ecstatic. Since the homeowners association is so small, there is no official manager, and it is extremely difficult and frustrating to communicate with the other three owners. Our upstairs neighbor refuses to talk to us but constantly barrages us with angry emails about how our cooking smells waft up to her unit. She also went on an email rampage when we tried to get some gardening work done; her emails were so angry that we were actually physically afraid! We call her the Madwoman in the Attic, because, aside from the emails, she comes home every day and slams her front door so hard that it shakes the entire building, then spends the evening hurling furniture around and laughing madly (really!).

Read the rest at Salon.

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