Quote of the day – Illinois intimidates good home inspectors

During the 25 years I’ve known him home inspector Tom Corbett has been a fierce, outspoken advocate for his clients, a posture that’s made him few friends among real estate agents.

Tom has completed more than 11,000 home inspections during his career. In the latest post at his Tomacor blog, he explains why he thinks recent changes to the Illinois Home Inspector License Act are bad news for home buyers:

State Senators and Representatives have chosen to thwart Illinois home buyers from clear disclosure in 2012 and beyond. As if the real estate equation wasn’t oppressive enough already! As of January 1st, 2012, the state will place into law the new Illinois Home Inspector Licensing [sic] Act. This act intimidates good inspectors from doing their job and encourages sloppier work from those already predisposed to “close deals” for a fee.

Read more at Tom’s blog, and see more video with Tom at a YouTube playlist.

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