Quote of the day – Not sure how this view can get blocked

Five years ago yesterday we served up a sales update on 740 W Fulton, a 132-unit high-rise in the West Loop. If you search current listings and resales at 740 Fulton, your sales update will reveal mixed but generally depressing results.

Months earlier, in February, developer David Chase took me on a hard hat tour of 740 Fulton. We stood on a snowy balcony overlooking the Kennedy Expressway and faced northeast while Chase opined on the magnificent view:

You talk about views being unobstructed, I’m not sure how this view can get blocked … There will be some midrise buildings built there [pointing toward what’s now K Station] but they won’t be high enough to block your view of downtown.

If you were to visit that same balcony today, you’d have a good view of the high-rises of K Station that didn’t exist at the time: Echelon, Alta and K2, which is currently under construction. And you’d have some certainty as to how the view has been affected.

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