Quote of the day: Buyers are liars

“Buyers are liars. … Real estate agents are business people … They have to pay their bills every day and make the best use of their time, and we’re just trying to give them an idea of who they should concentrate on, who’s a serious customer.”

– Drew Warmington, CEO and managing partner of iLeads.com. Warmington’s company recently unveiled RealTAG, a “prospect qualification tool” that provides real-estate agents with a complete property and “financial capabilities” report on prospective buyers.

According to a column that appeared in the Tribune a few days ago, agents will use RealTAG to gauge how serious buyers are. With a few keystrokes, they’ll be able to call up information on an “individual’s home-ownership status, when he bought and how much he paid, how much home-equity and mortgage debt he carries, and whether he has any foreclosure actions pending,” according to the Trib.

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