Quote of the day: Buyers might miss the best time to buy

“Once the market flattens out, it’s going to start to come back up. [Buyers] are going to be left in the position of waiting a little too long. I’ve seen it before and I’ve heard it before. There is a point where “this price” is not going to be there anymore.”

– Chuck Goro, senior vice president and branch executive for Koenig & Strey’s Lincoln Park office.

I spoke with Chuck about the vagaries of Lincoln Park and Lake View for New Homes Magazine‘s upcoming feature article. The market (at least in his neighborhood) has reached the bottom – but today’s buyer, fed on a steady diet of media gloom, is still trying to gauge the best time to buy.

Edit: Maybe the market has reached bottom, and maybe it hasn’t – that’s not for Yo to say. The comments above were paraphrased from our conversation with Chuck and should be attributed to him. Here’s another snippet:

“I think the general buying public – besides everything else that happened – got a bad taste in their mouth. Everything is going to catch up now, and everything’s going to be fine.”

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