Quote of the day: Prairie Pointe's party pad

Does your high-rise have a VIP section? From a Sloopin reader:

Have you noticed the PH floor of 1600 Prairie lately?

According to other owners in the building, an owner of a popular downtown Chicago club purchased all of the units on the PH floor and combined all of the units (3-4) into a sort-of after-party penthouse type dwelling complete with a giant naked greek goddess mural near the entrance. Noticeable from most parts of our neighborhood are the shuffling, colored disco lights that blink 24 hours a day. (Check ’em out) Apparently, all sorts of…ahem…interesting types make their way in and out of the place.

The Gammonley Group and Inland Real Estate couldn’t find a taker for one $895,000 Prairie Pointe penthouse during an auction of 13 units last spring. Looks like someone’s putting it to good use, though.

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