Quote of the day: Shelbourne Development "certain" Spire will be built

Over the weekend, The Sunday Business Post in Ireland reached a spokeswoman from Chicago Spire developer Shelbourne Development Group to discuss the liens that have been filed against Shelbourne by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and Chicago architecture firm Perkins and Will.

While many observers have said that the liens cast doubt on the feasibility of the project, Shelbourn maintains a air of confidence.

‘‘We are certain that the Spire will be built. A huge amount of time and money has been put into the project, and we have achieved above average sales in a very difficult market.”

‘‘Both of the companies in question were on four-year contracts, and they have been paid quite a high percentage of the overall fees they were due. We look forward to moving forward into mediation and arbitration, and hope to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.”

‘‘Once the utilities are complete, the structure can start to rise, but we have no date for that at the moment, due to the situation in the world markets. But the level of sales we have achieved shows that people want this building, and we look forward to moving forward with it once the global economic situation improves.”

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