Quote of the day: You are your kitchen

Over the years I’ve been in a number of homes built or renovated by the award-winning design-build firm of Benvenuti and Stein, but had never met any of the principals.

Half a dozen years ago, Geno Benvenuti renovated the beautiful home in Northfield where I attended an open house and met Geno. After giving me a brief tour of the major living areas (video), I sat down for a chat with Geno about some of the trends he’s seeing in North Shore homes. A sample:

Today clients spend $30,000 for just the appliances in the kitchen, and quite often they don’t even cook. The kitchen really defines who we are. It is a statement that we make about ourselves.

The changes Geno notes in North Shore home design have also, it seems to me, affected home design in the city.

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