Rare Kenilworth rental at $1,000 a month

626 Green Bay Rd, Kenilworth IL

Have you been longing to ditch your basement apartment in Uptown for an address in tiny, tony Kenilworth but thought you’d never be able to afford one?

Kenilworth has few apartments, and it’s rare to see one come on the market, but a 2-bedroom just did, at 626 Green Bay Rd, offered at $1,000 a month.

Is $1,000 too steep for you? The bedrooms are roommate-friendly at 15 x 15 and 15 x 10 to help defray the cost.

Fearful that Kenilworth will be too quiet for you? The property’s directly on a busy stretch of Green Bay Road, across from the Metra tracks.

Concerned that the absence of Uptown’s gunshots will disrupt your nervous system? The firearms range at the Kenilworth Police Department is open to Kenilworth residents.

Worried that Kenilworth is a fast-food desert? A few steps away on Green Bay Rd, in Winnetka, is Capt’n Nemo’s, where they serve up some of the best sub sandwiches and chili in Chicagoland. It’s often busy, as you can see in the above video, and occasionally mobbed when New Trier High School lets out for the day.

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