RDM has a Vision of luxury for Wicker Park

Interior rendering of Vision, 1624 W Division St, Chicago

Division Street has seen its share of distinctive mid-rises over the past few years. The latest to sprout up on the hip Wicker Park thoroughfare is RDM Development‘s Vision, a four-story boutique condominium building located at 1624 W Division St, just a stone’s throw from the Polish Triangle. In the October issue of New Homes, writer Dan Schuyler talks to architect Mariano Barrigan about the importance of balancing a contemporary style with the neighborhood’s old look.

“Vision really attempts to add some new architectural context to the area,” says Mariano Barrigan of Wallin Gomez Architects, who designed the project. “On the one hand, we wanted to pay homage to the colors and materials that surround the building, but the structure really makes its own statement.”

The expansive use of glass and metal adds a much-needed contemporary look to the area, but because Vision is a boutique residential structure, it does not overwhelm its neighbors architecturally. The building’s real flair can be found in the interiors, according to Barrigan, who points to the large windows and the high-end finishes as being as stylish as they are functional.

“The floor plans are traditional in the sense that there is no loft design,” he says, “but the unique window designs and the finishes set this project apart from almost everything else. When you add to that the fact that these are large units – 1,300 to 2,000 square feet – RDM has truly come up with a great value.”

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