Remember The Peshtigo?

Was it only 5 years ago that we reported that Related Midwest, despite a weak real estate market, was forging ahead with plans for The Peshtigo, a Ralph Johnson-designed condo tower at 515 N Peshtigo Ct in Streeterville?

The Peshtigo may have been Chicago’s most unfortunately-named high-rise. Although Related’s marketing staff likely named it for the street on which it was to be located, the name has stronger associations with the Peshtigo Fire, which may have killed as many as 2,500 people.

Sales for The Peshtigo didn’t catch fire, and plans for it went into the dumpster.

Nearly a year ago Related began construction on a 45-story 500-unit rental tower on the site and gave the project a more marketable name: 500 North Lake Shore Drive.

You can see all of the major apartment projects that are planned or underway in downtown Chicago on our at-a-glance list and map.

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