Remembering the 80s as the Brick Age

We haven’t seen many masonry-clad high-rises built recently, but the 1980s saw a blizzard of them. Here a few that come readily to mind.

The Terraces at Dearborn Park, 801 S Plymouth, was completed in 1983, and 899 S Plymouth in 1980.

Chestnut Place, 850 N State, was completed in 1982, 100 W Chestnut in 1983, and The Grand Ohio, 211 E Ohio, in 1984.

The New York, 3660 N Lake Shore Dr and River North Park, 320 W Illinois were built in 1986.

1133 North Dearborn, the last rental high-rise built in the Gold Coast, came on stream in 1988.

As the 80s came to an end, Cityfront Place, 400 N McClurg Ct, and 474 North Lake Shore Drive were under construction in Streeterville.

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