Rental non-deal of the day – 1237 West

Joeff Davis photo, DePaul library

1237 West Fullerton is privately-operated housing for up to 590 DePaul University students, and it’s currently offering a month’s free rent.

The 2011-12 rates start at $990 per month for four students sharing a tight 4-bedroom, 2-bath unit totally lacking in closet space – not even a coat closet. But hey, you’re so close to campus you won’t need a coat.

If you’d like an XL (we presume that’s extra large) bedroom, and want to share with only one other person, you can step up to a 2-bedroom, 2-bath, closet-free unit that will set you back $18,900 for the academic term.

The 1237 West Web site notes that “financial aid can be applied,” ensuring that some students will continue to pay for their rent 20 years after they’ve moved out.

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