Rental smackdown: Amenities at 1401 South State and Echelon at K Station

The number and types of on-site amenities can play a major role in a renter’s choice of developments. Do you enjoy summer days by the pool, or would you rather go to the beach? Would you use that on-site fitness center, or do you have a private gym membership? Are you ever going to throw a party in that community lounge, or are you just going to grab a cup of coffee from it each morning as you go to work?

The new-construction rental high-rises in downtown Chicago offer something for everybody, from fitness centers to on-site auto detailing. In this post I’m going to break down the facilities at two Lincoln Property Company developments: Echelon at K Station at 353 N Desplaines St in the Fulton River District, and 1401 South State at 1401 S State St in the South Loop.

Echelon at K Station, June 17, 2009 Echelon at K Station, June 17, 2009

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of amenities is a swimming pool. And Echelon at K Station (seen in the pictures above) has one on its fourth floor terrace, which has stellar views of the downtown skyline. 1401 South State (in the images below) has an outdoor terrace, but all it has for entertainment is a fire pit and gas grills — no pool.

Both towers have adjacent parks — Echelon’s is public, while 1401 South State’s is an enclosed space sitting directly below the “L” tracks. Animals aren’t allowed inside 1401 South State’s private park, but the building does have a dog run where owners can take their pets. Echelon’s neighboring park is a large, grassy, dog-friendly space, and it’s about twice the size of 1401 South State’s private park.

Echelon’s large lounge and party suite, located on its entrance level, has a flat-screen TV and pool table and can be rented out by tenants for parties. 1401 South State has a social room and wireless cafe on the fourth floor that leads out to its terrace.

Each building has similarly-sized fitness centers and offer on-site dry cleaning services.

1401 South State 1401 South State

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