Rental smackdown: One-bedroom units at Burnham Pointe and Sky55

One-bedroom unit at Burnham PointeWe’ve checked out most of downtown’s new rental high-rises last month, so now it’s time to really dig into them to see how they stack up to one another.

To start things off, I’m looked at two similarly-sized one-bedroom units from two projects in the South Loop: Burnham Pointe, at 730 S Clark St, and Sky55, at 1255 S Michigan Ave.

Burnham Pointe’s apartment (top right) spans 816 square feet and has a price of $1,765 per month. The Sky55 apartment (lower right) covers 832 square feet and is priced from $1,892 to $1,962 per month.

The biggest discrepancy that stands out in my eyes is the amount of closet space in the two units. The Sky55 apartment has three closets including a walk-in in the master bedroom. The Burnham Pointe home, you’ll see, has what appears to be two shallow wall closets but no walk-ins.

One-bedroom unit at Sky55The bedrooms, balconies and living and dining areas are very similar in size. Burnham Pointe’s kitchen is a bit wider than Sky55’s, but the layout at Sky55 is a little less cluttered. The way in which the entry hallway leads to the kitchen, bedroom and living room would seem to be a little more comfortable than coming home through your kitchen every night.

Neither sites give you information as to how many floors both of these floor plans are on — height, and the views that come with it, can drastically affect the price of an apartment. The Burnham Pointe unit faces west, but Sky55’s Web site does not give visitors any indication as to where its floor plans are positioned.

The rent for the Sky55 apartment could potentially be as much as $200 more per month than Burnham Pointe’s, which is fairly substantial considering the similarity in unit sizes. I suspect the price difference comes down to location: Sky55 is on Michigan Avenue, just south of Grant Park, while Burnham Pointe is located four blocks westward.

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