Rental trends around the South Loop: 60605 rental listings dip below 60616

For the first time since we started tracking homes listed as rentals in the MLS, the number of homes available in 60616 (bounded by 16th, 35th, and Halsted streets, and the lake, and including the southern portions of the South Loop, Chinatown, and parts of Pilsen, Bronzeville, Armour Square, and Bridgeport) now exceeds the number of homes available in 60605, which covers most of the South Loop between Van Buren and 16th streets, by a count of 93 to 89.

In 60605, homes are listed for rent from $1,050 to $8,500, with a median rent price of $2,000, which will get you a 1,200 square-foot, two-bedroom / two-bath with den at Printers Square, 780 S Federal St in the Printers Row area, or a one-bedroom / one-bath in the old Crane Building, 888 S Michigan Ave.

In 60616, homes are listed from $699 to $6,500, with a median price of $1,950, the cost of a 1,500 square-foot, two-bedroom / three-bath duplex with garage parking at Cullerton Station, 1919 S State Sta two-bedroom / 1.5-bath with garage parking at Terrazio, 1935 S Wabash Avea two-bedroom / two-bath with garage parking at 1934 S Wabash Ave; or a two-bedroom / two-bath at 1720 South Michigan, 1720 S Michigan Ave (parking is an additional $150).

Despite the trend among rentals, slightly more condos, townhomes, single-family homes, and multi-unit buildings for sale in 60605 as of today — the ZIP has 743 listings to 60616’s 694. In July 60605’s homes had a median list price of $377,000 and a median sale price of $300,000, according to Redfin; in 60616, the median list price was $294,000, and the median sale price was $241,000.

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