Reviewer Roundup: What they’re saying about Twelve Twelve on South Michigan

Twelve Twelve on South Michigan, 1212 S Michigan Ave, Chicago“Living at 1212 is truly an artful experience with our light-filled spaces enhanced with modern design and all of the custom details today’s city lifestyle demands,” says the website for Twelve Twelve on South Michigan, a 30-story apartment high-rise at 1212 S Michigan Ave, near the corner of Michigan Avenue and Roosevelt Road in the South Loop.

Not everyone who lives there agrees. This week’s Reviewer Roundup looks at the scores (all based on a five-star scale) and choice quotes from three online review sites,,, and

Apartment Ratings: 2.7 stars; reviewed by 62 people, recommended by 23.

May you be graced with patience and a legal team if you take a chance on a killer view.

The laundry room is a good place to meet people.

I feel so comfortable in my studio. Its the perfect size. I have more closet and cabinet space than I know what to do with.

The office staff are patient, respectful and honest people. The concierge are inviting, friendly and upbeat. The custodial staff are quick on their feet and happy to help. Everyone who works here seems to love their job, which fills the building with a positive energy.

Corridors stink and walls are very thin. Sometimes its like having the neighbours in your bedroom.

Yelp: 1 star; reviewed by two people.

They find ways to CHARGE you for everything – lockouts? – $50. Lose your parking tag? $50 bucks. Move in fee? YES. Security deposit? You’re not getting it back. Cable choice? Nope, directv+extra fee. No compromise, no discussion.

A lot of students in this building as well. So if you’re a young professional looking for a mature spot – you won’t like it.

Apartment Reviews: 3 stars; reviewed by eight people, but no reviews since October 2007.

All the smokers stand outside in front of the doors and you have to walk thru their smoke just to get in your own building!!

My wife and I love living here. And FYI: They DO RUN CRIMINAL/BACKGROUND/SEX OFFENDER checks!!!! Trust me, there are no drug dealers! Just a mix of old farts like me and some young professionals.

Other than the view the apartments are bland and small, the maintainance staff is slow and unorganized (we had a broken microwave for over 6 months), you can hear absolutly EVERYTHING the neighbors are doing, and they lost 3 of our rent checks while we lived there…

Studios with 555 to 609 square feet, priced from $995, one-bedrooms with 677 to 708 square feet, priced from $1,212, and two-bedrooms with 968 to 1,054 square feet, priced from $1,650, according to

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