Revisiting two soon-to-be rentals

I don’t know it for a fact, but I’d guess that the new video above became outdated faster than any other I’ve ever uploaded. We got around to editing this footage from my weekend visit to Trio on Tuesday afternoon, mere hours before learning that the tower most likely will go rental.

Actually, we’re going to go ahead and edit up my walk-around inside the tower, because anyone who’s interested in renting in the 22-story tower at 670 W Wayman St a few months from now will probably appreciate a peek inside the building right now. My work was not in vain!

Below, you can see some footage from our first visit to Mondial, 900 W Huron St, another tower that’s in the process of becoming an apartment building. In fact, you can watch all seven of our Mondial videos (many featuring developer / architect Jack Berger) through a Mondial playlist we’ve put together on our YouTube channel.

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