River North – Gold Coast South, or WI Dells II?

Coyote Ugly

Carriage rides outside the Park Hyatt

No, that’s not a photo from a strip club above, although the distinction might be academic in the case of Coyote Ugly, 316 W Erie St, one of many schlocky tourist / conventioneer-oriented venues in River North. But the neighborhood north and east of the river and west of Michigan Avenue also is home to some of Chicago’s toniest new developments, from Canyon Ranch Living and The Elysian to Ten East Delaware and 50 E. Chestnut.

Is River North evolving into Gold Coast South, and how does the new ultra-luxury development square with the Wisconsin Dells-style entertainment? Writer Michael Austin and photographer Joeff Davis explore one of the city’s most colorful neighborhoods in the New Homes Magazine story River North Comes of Age.

Apparel by Snob Dogs, 550 N Kingsbury St

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