River North’s best apartment towers – parks and beaches

Earlier posts in our series on the best apartment towers in River North spotlighted the buildings with the best views, the most convenient grocery shopping and the best access to public transit.

It’s worthwhile noting that River North does not enjoy great access to Chicago’s public parks and beaches compared to other neighborhoods. Most of River North is a park desert.

The nearest activity-laden park for River North residents is Lake Shore Park, which has a running track, softball fields, tennis courts, a playground and a small field house. The Museum of Contemporary Art and Seneca Playlot Park, a tree-shrouded oasis that always seems to be flooded with small children, are just west of Lake Shore Park, closer to River North.

Oak Street Beach is the closest beach to River North.

The building with the best proximity to Seneca Playlot Park, Lake Shore Park and Oak Street Beach is The Chicagoan, with second place going to The Bernardin, a block west of The Chicagoan.

Residents of The Chicagoan also have the busy, tree-shrouded, tourist-packed Water Tower Park at their front door.

If all you require from a park is a place to sit in the sun, stroll along the river, walk the dog or exercise the kids, residents of Parc Huron apartments are across the street from Montgomery Ward Park.

A few blocks south of Montgomery Ward Park, Kingsbury Plaza residents have a park-like atmosphere adjacent to the pool on the building’s sprawling amenities deck.

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You’ll find links to our objective, visually-rich apartment reviews of River North buildings and links to near real-time availability checks for most of them, at our at-a-glance list, and some tips and advice at our Guide to renting in River North.

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