Roof comes as an upgrade at Kedzie Square condos

KedzieSquare.jpgSo what do you think of a developer who sells the rights to a rooftop deck? Brighton Development Group is selling 10×16-foot chunks of its roof to condo buyers at Kedzie Square, 2065 N Kedzie Ave. The developer hasn’t set a price just yet, but Yo has heard a whisper that the little decks, which come with gas, electricity and water supply, will be priced just shy of $10,000.

If you don’t want to buy a deck or you miss out (there are 28 condos and 24 mini-decks), the developer is still offering common outdoor space in the form of a 50-foot courtyard, and all of the units will have either a balcony or a patio. The one- to three-bedroom homes are priced from the $290s to the $410s, which includes parking.

Even so, the whole sell-a-deck concept seems a little mercenary to Yo’s truly. It’s not like Kedzie Square overlooks a ballpark.

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