Sales update: One left at Deming on the Park

Deming on the ParkThere’s only one condo left in the eight-unit Lincoln Park rehab development at 454 W Deming Pl, according to co-developer Richard Wexner of Wexner / Greenberg Associates. WGA rehabbed and converted most of the north side of the 400-block of West Deming Place, which they’re calling “Deming Row,” and Wexner says there are only a few of those homes remaining.

This three-bedroom / 2.5-bath unit is located on the third floor of Deming on the Park (not to be confused with Deming on the Green, which I wrote about yesterday). Deming on the Park is a four-story elevator building in which the elevator opens directly into the units. Wexner says the elevator is triggered with a fob key that directs the elevator to the desired unit.

I’m not sure what the square footage is on the floor plan below, but it looks pretty big. Wexner points out that the kitchen is detached from the living areas, “so nobody has to look at your dirty dishes,” and he says that sort of floor plan is more traditional. (Seeing those doors on the kitchen reminds me of how the Huxtable family would always retreat to the kitchen for private conversations on The Cosby Show.)

The @properties listing I found lists this unit at $1,030,000. Wexner says that parking is available for a fee.

Deming on the Park floor plan

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