Sales update: Slim pickings for one-bedrooms with lake views at 1400 Museum Park

1400 Museum Park, 100 E 14th St, ChicagoThe Coldwell Banker agents who handle sales at The Enterprise Companies‘ various Museum Park properties are good about listing all of their buildings’ available units, so I feel safe in saying that buyers in the market for one-bedroom condos with lake views don’t have a lot to choose from at 1400 Museum Park these days.

Of the 22 homes Ralph Oliva has listed at the tower, located at 100 E 14th St in the South Loop, only one — unit #2803 — is an east-facing one-bedroom. The 927 square-foot unit, located on the 28th floor, has a 14′ x 22-6″ living / dining area, an 11′ x 11-6″ bedroom, a 6-6″ x 7′ “den,” and a 22′ x 5′ balcony. It’s listed in the $410s.

The one thing that stands out to me when I look at this floor plan is that den. It’s not the kind of place I’d typically use as a computer alcove, given its size and proximity to the home’s lone bathroom. How would you use a space like that?

One-bedroom floor plan at 1400 Museum Park, 100 E 14th St, Chicago

The balcony is accessible only through the living / dining area. That’s typical for a lot of units I see, but I prefer the approach at 1720 South Michigan, where residents in certain one-bedrooms can walk out from their living areas and bedrooms. It’s a wide space, nevertheless.

Similar units on the eighth and 14th floor are available as resales (both are priced in the $340s) and one on the 11th floor is renting for $1,600 a month.

Other remaining east-facing units in Enterprise’s unsold inventory include:

The rest of the developer’s homes are on the west side of the building. They include:

Coldwell Banker agents are also listing two two-bedroom rentals in the building: a 1,358 square-foot unit priced at $2,600 a month, and a 1,248 square-foot unit priced at $2,400.

Along with the aforementioned one-bedrooms resales, another five condos in the building are back on the market through other brokers:

  • One 1,684 square-foot three-bedroom / two-bath priced in the $790s
  • One 1,667 square-foot three-bedroom / two-bath priced in the $790s
  • One 1,358 square-foot two-bedroom / two-bath priced in the $540s
  • Two 839 square-foot one-bedroom / one-baths priced from the $290s to the $320s

I stopped by 1400 Museum Park a few months ago and made my way to the top floor, where most of the building’s amenities are located. Watch my walk through the amenity level in the video below.

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