Sales update: Wicker Park's 1250 Paulina

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One condo has sold since our last write-up on Lipe Property Company‘s six-unit condo development at 1250 N Paulina St in Wicker Park. According to Lipe’s Laura Knepper, that buyer coincidentally was quoted in the Chicago Tribune‘s Wicker Park “community profile” this morning.

Taryn Bickley, formerly of Roscoe Village, confesses in the article that perhaps she is “becoming provincial about her life in Wicker Park.” That isn’t a word that I would apply to Wicker Park, and I’m not sure what it says about 1250 Paulina, but it’s one more thing to factor in if you’re interested in moving to the ‘hood.

1250 N Paulina St in Wicker Park, ChicagoBickley isn’t 1250 Paulina’s only new resident. Lipe recently moved into the ground-floor commercial space and is making it its permanent home.

The three remaining condos in the elevator building have three bedrooms, three baths and roughly 1,700 square feet of living space each. Knepper didn’t have a price sheet available when I spoke with her, but an MLS search finds three units at the address that are priced in the $590s, the $620s and the $630s.

When Joe reported on this development in April, the price range was from the $570s to the $670s. It’s possible that the least-expensive unit was sold, and that the others dropped in price by as much as $40,000.

Knepper says at least one of the available units comes with a large, private patio. “If anyone is looking for a giant back patio, we definitely have that,” she says, adding that the outdoor space would fit a hot tub and lawn furniture with room to spare. She also says all the units’ fixtures and appliances are of “Merchandise Mart-level quality.”

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