Schlect's Shingle-style single-family: Is it a Schock, or just plain schlock?


More than a couple years ago, Joe put together a set of 120 pictures from the Austin Historic District, a landmark district that lies both north and south of Lake Avenue in the Austin neighborhood.

The district is home to four houses designed by architect Frederick R. Schock. Schock’s designs resembled the Shingle Style architecture that was found in coastal resort areas like Cape Cod, but that was something of a rarity in the Midwest. One of those Shingle Style homes is the Catherine Schlect house, located at 5804 W Race Ave, which Schock built in 1887.

Schock’s designs aren’t universally admired. In fact, if you look closely, you might catch a snarky little typo in the Schlect House entry on the official Chicago Landmarks Web site. A slip of the key, or something more? Browse our photoset and judge for yourself.

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