Seasonal headlines: Spring thaw?

“[T]he long cold Real Estate winter of our discontent is passing into spring.”

Bruce Fogelson, President of Paramount Homes, showing his Shakespearean side. Fogelson isn’t the only one to employ a seasonally-inspired metaphor to predict a rebound in the housing market. Here’s a sampling of a few headlines from across the country that have appeared over the past month, forecasting a thaw.

Spring Home Sales Damp, But Young Buyers Bloom” – NPR’s Weekend Edition, April 26

Home Builders, Preparing for a Thaw” – New York Times, April 26

Housing Market Wakes Up From Winter Slump” – CBS4 Denver, April 21

Spring could thaw the residential real estate market” – Michigan Business Review, April 16

Credit markets showing spring thaw” – The Real Deal, New York Real Estate, April 16

Condo Trends: Lining up for the Real Estate Thaw” – Realty Times, March 30

Real estate listings on rise; some feel a thaw” – Boston Globe, March 25

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