See rents and video tours of New East Side / Lakeshore East apartments

Chicago’s New East Side

The following spreadsheet shows you the starting rents as of May 31, 2022 at all but one of the apartment communities in Chicago’s popular New East Side / Lakeshore East neighborhood. Click Check next to each building to see current rent and availability info.

YoChicago’s neighborhood apartment lists showcase 1,000s of apartment video tours. Select a neighborhood from the links in the right column.

Working with a rental service broker
One of the (many) lies that rental services tell renters is that they can negotiate a better deal for you. In fact, you surrender all your negotiating leverage when you’re working with a broker who’s being paid by the landlord / management company. Your only hope for a deal when you’re represented by a broker is to negotiate a rebate of a portion of the broker’s commission. Ask about the compensation that they’re being paid, and demand a rebate of everything over a half-month’s rent. A half-month’s rent is the co-op commission that brokers receive on condo rentals, and condo rentals are typically more time-consuming for the broker.

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