Shark bites: taking hefty chomps out of three Gold Coast condos

CondoShark chows down on 159 East Walton

Every week we scan Matt Garrison‘s to check out the biggest price cuts on homes in Chicago’s most popular neighborhoods. Here are just three examples of homes in and around the Gold Coast that have seen reductions of 31 percent in recent weeks.

Unit #7A at 1300 N Lake Shore Dr: three bedroom / two bath; was $1,6 million, now $1.09 million.

Unit #11D at 159 E Walton St: two-bedroom / 2.5-bath with 1,529 square feet; was $1.17 million, now $810,000. Parking available for an additional $55,000.

Unit #22N at 1400 N Lake Shore Dr: 357 square-foot studio; was $212,415, now $145,000.

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