Shoppers can’t find Old Orchard Mall?

The Old Orchard mall and Optima Old Orchard Woods are the most visible sights along the billboard-free, well-landscaped borders of the Edens Expressway. Anyone who drives that route with any frequency will find the opening sentence of an AOL Patch report highly amusing:

Westfield Co., the owners of the Old Orchard mall, have expressed concerns about potential shoppers not being able to find the mall.

Responding to those concerns – and reminded by Westfield that Old Orchard generates 6% of the village’s property tax revenue and 40% of its sales tax revenue – Skokie has approved the construction of a 48-foot high sign on the northern edge of the mall.

Also amusing, In light of its expressed concerns, is Westfield’s statement that the mall had 13 million visits last year. Some of them may have noticed the Westfield Old Orchard banner atop the professional building at the mall – as seen in the above photo, shot from Optima Old Orchard Woods, of less than half of the mall.

Is this the first sign that the Edens Expressway will one day mirror Ogden Nash’s vision?

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