Shopping for a new condo / cemetery? Graveyards of Chicago has you covered

St. Boniface Cemetery

We realize we’re nowhere near Halloween, but it is a dreary old day out there, and we seem to be in a morbid mood at Yo, so to continue the cemetery theme…Check out Matt Hucke’s weird and wonderful Web site, Graveyards of Chicago. Hucke has visited and photographed 501 graveyards and mausoleums and has galleries for each, totaling 2,200 “graven images.” Alright, a little slack please. This is a guy who lives in graveyards; no one said he was a comedian. You can also buy his book, “Graveyards of Chicago,” online. If you’re going to live across from a graveyard (and there are tremendous benefits to doing so), you might as well know something about it.

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