Shopping in upscale Chicago neighborhoods

To eat or use in the shower?

Has anyone else ever gone into a store in an upscale Chicago neighborhood and wondered what the hell they were actually selling or how they managed to stay in business? At times, YoChicago has had that experience browsing the shops along Damen Avenue in Bucktown.

We’ve wondered, for instance, how a bridal accessories store which features about five flowergirl dresses, a handful of tiaras and a green wedding dress in the window, manages to make a buck and afford the high commercial rents.

After shooting along Armitage Avenue in Lincoln Park, YoChicago photographer Joeff Davis returned with his own experience to puzzle over.

“I went to one store and I was in there for 10 minutes and couldn’t figure out if their product was chocolate, soap or candles. It was an herbal sort of thing, ginseng, with cilantro. I felt like I was from another planet,” Davis tells us. I think we can assume that it’s chocolates we are looking at in Joeff’s photo here.

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