Short-term rentals in new apartment buildings via Airbnb

Crain’s Chicago Business recently reported that Airbnb has been quietly growing its presence in Chicago, and currently has about 200 local listings available.

I sampled a few of those listings and was surprised to see several in apartment buildings that have recently opened for occupancy. One of the listings misrepresents the building as a condominium and another misstates the neighborhood the building is in, perhaps because – as Crain’s notes – most of the Airbnb rentals violate one or more city ordinances regulating short-term rentals.

You might be tempted to try on the lifestyle in one of the new buildings with a short-term rental via Airbnb. Be aware, however, that the building’s lease with your prospective host doesn’t allow that arrangement, and you might be faced with a last-minute cancellation.

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