Should you braid hair or be a rental service leasing agent?

In Illinois, you’ll need 300 hours of classroom training and practical experience before you can become licensed to braid hair. If you want to be licensed to do nails, the requirement is 350 hours.

If you find the educational requirements for hair braiders or nail technicians too daunting, you can always sign on with a rental service as a leasing agent – or “expert consultant” as they prefer to call their rookies.

You can begin renting apartments under a leasing agent student 120-day permit in Illinois with zero experience or training, and you’ll only need 15 hours of instruction before taking the exam to become a licensed leasing agent.

Do you have a felony conviction for drug dealing, identity theft or a more violent crime? Not to worry, you can still quality for a leasing agent license in Illinois. Even being a career criminal working under a fake identity won’t stop some rental services from hiring you.

Chicago’s rental services would like to dupe you into believing that it’s difficult to find an apartment in Chicago’s lakefront neighborhoods. It’s easy when you use YoChicago’s at-a-glance lists.

In fact, finding an apartment is far, far easier than finding an honest, knowledgeable, experienced agent at Chicago’s rental services. Finding a good rental service leasing agent is a hair-raising, nail-biting experience that’s best avoided.

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